quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Programa #322


Beggar's Opera - Poet And Peasant [Act One-1970] (07:11)
If - Waterfall [Waterfall-1972] (05:41)
Theo Schumann Combo - Hummelflug [Guten Abend Carolina-1971] (03:25)
Ruphus - Brain Boogie [Let Your Light Shine-1975] (09:54)
New Trolls - Night On The Bare Mountain [Night On The Bare Mountain-1974] (03:29)
Matching Mole - No 'alf Measures [On The Radio-1973] (06:49)
Eela Craig - Loner's Rhyme [One Niter-1976] (09:21)
Henk Werkhoven - Orphical Positions [Orphical Positions-1982] (06:34)
Heat Exchange - Reminiscence [Reminiscence-1972] (04:37)
Man - Grass Hopper [Slow Motion-1974] (05:14)

2 comentários:

Rampage disse...

Awesome!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks,i left link here -

Marcos Balbinotti disse...

Impossivel fazer o download. Alguma sugestão, por favor? Abraços e grande trabalho!