segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2012

Facebook do Planeta Progressivo! / Planeta Progressivo on Facebook!

peço que divulguem os programas para os amigos pelo Facebook!

Hi, All!
Please, share the show with your friends on Facebook!


Eduardo Marins

2 comentários:

HangryFreak disse...

Hello Eduardo,
nice to see you ON facebook and I will be very glad to help you share this news on my profile, so all my friend will know about your programm of music.

BUT ... please change the title of this post with the right one: Planeta Progressivo ON facebook ... or the other one Planeta Progressivo YES facebook (hihiihhhihi) best regards, obrigado obrigado obrigado for your choise of music, allways listen to you everyweek, allways discover something new!

from Italy

Eduardo Marins disse...

Hi, Enrico!
Thanks for your tip. I changed the phrase now. In fact, NO in Brazil means ON/AT, not exactly a negative word! LOL.

But you right, for some people outside Brazil could misunderstand it.

Thanks for the audience!