domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Programa #120


Pholhas - In My Way
Parzival - 8 Years Later
Ange - Les Noces

Genesis - Looking For Someone
Wallenstein - Stories, Songs & Symphonies
Harlis - Bells Of Bothfeld

Savage Rose - Life's Other Side
Alfredo Tisocco - An Ben Si
Streetmark - Dreams


2 comentários:

HangryFreak disse...

It's a pleasure to listen to your music again my friend! I'm out of my house because of the eartquake in Italy, in Mirandola, and after two weeks I just take my pc and tune on your website.
I'm really sad at the moment but your exellent choice of bands and tracks really make me feel better. Obrigado

Eduardo Marins disse...

Hello, Enrico!
I saw the news about the earthquake in Italy and is very sad to see people must go away from their homes. I'm very sorry for your situation there.

But I'm really happy to know that I, very far from you, can help you in any way with my simple blog and setlists.

Hope that all will be fine there soon!