segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

Programa #106


Alan Parsons Project - Genesis Ch.1 V.32
Pink Floyd - Time
Jigsaw - Freud Fish

Paradiso Di Robots - Paradiso Di Robots
Catharsis - Les Chevrons
Zomby Woof - Suicide

The Trip - L'ultima Ora E Ode A Jimi Hendrix
Psychoground Group - Easy
Brand X - Black Moon


2 comentários:

HangryFreak disse...

wellcome back!
it's nice to listen to you again,
I wish you well & let me thank you for this first collection of 2012.

obbligado ... is it right?

Eduardo Marins disse...

thanks for the words, HangryFreak!

Almost right, the right is obrigado :)