segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2011

Programa #101


Baby Whale - The Old Man And Sea
Man - Jam Up Jelly Tight - Oh No Not Again
San Michael's - Nattag

Anyone's Daughter - Thursday
Glencoe - Book Me For The Flight
Excubus - Abomination D'une Quarte De Triton

Steve Howe - Break Away From It All
Electra - Prelude Cis-Moll Op.3 Nr. 2
Tullio De Piscopo - Rettifilo, Ora Di Punta

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HangryFreak disse...

thank you from Italy.
I'm from near Naples, I was born in '68 and I lived the '70s, I've listened to a lot of music from that "ERA", such as Pino Daniele, James Senese, Enzo Avitabile, Tony Esposito, Napoli Centrale, Perigeo, and of course, Città Frontale and Osanna, Alan Sorrenti.
But I've never heard of Revolt Goup with Tullio De Piscopo, the drummer is quite famous, in the '80s he had got few hits, pop music, and he is famous to play drums in the PinoDaniele's band, '70s-'80s era.
Thank you to make me descover "Tullio De Piscopo Revolt Group - sotto e 'ncoppa" (that in Naples slang means "under and over", or "upside down"), it is a quite good album, with some naples slang lyrics and the titles of the tracks remind the names od streets in Naples.
thank you, I always listen to your music and try inspirations.

Eduardo Marins disse...

hello HangryFreak!

thanks a lot for your message and I'm really glad to know that you have inspirations with the music I play here.
And of course I'm glad to play italian music that you didnt know.
Thanks for the audience!