segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

Programa #83 - Especial


Jean Pierre Alarcen - Salut Besson
Novelo - Tandava 5
Carpe Diem - Reincarnation

Michael Quatro - Adagio
Hands - Mutineer's Panorama
Easter Island - Winds Of Time

Espanha (Spain)
Fusioon - Danza Del Molinero
Cal - Guadalquivir Gitano
Iceberg - Too Young To Be A Pharaoh + Tebas

Le Orme - Collage
Alex Carpani - In The Rocks
New Trolls - Paolo E Francesca

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2 comentários:

La Fint' disse...

Hi Edu,
i'm listening to your show right now, i see you played Novelo that's cool! Tandava5 is my favorite from that album.
Ciao, Charlie

Eduardo Marins disse...

thanks for the comment Charlie!
Yes, Novelo was one of the grest bands I knew recently. Thanks a lot for showing me up this gemm!
Enjoy the show!